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World Language Teacher Summit Playbook

Our speakers shares how they stayed energized, excited, passionate and successful during this incredible school year. It's also your guide to the Summit with the daily presentation schedule, the conference planner tool, our social media chart to follow every presenter, biographies, and presentation summaries.

The Power of Stories

Choose Your Own Story With Google Forms with Paulino Brener

Using Stories to Aid Language Acquisition With Carolina Gómez & Valentina Correa

Blog, Blog, Data-Getting Students Writing in The World Language Classroom with Jennifer Newman-Cornell

Using More Stories in Your Classroom With Michelle Rojas

Easy-to-Read Literature, StoryListening and Creative Writing With Beginning Language Learners with Margarita Pérez García

Inclusion Through Windows & Mirrors

Cultural Inclusion in The World Language Classroom With Viviana Orozco

A Journey Through South America's Afro-Descendants with Jenniffer Whyte

Teaching Language and Culture Through Intercultural Connections With Tracy Rucker

For Days that Need to Shine

Mix It Up With Music by Allison Wienhold

Create Active Learning Experiences With Google Jamboard! with Bertha Delgadillo

Adding Videos and Music to Enhance Your Language Curriculum with Natalie Korda

The Games We Play: 21 in Person and Online Games with Ruth Valle

A Menu of Options: Doing and Reviewing with Janel Lafond-Paquin

Language with The Five Senses with Elizabeth Porter

Twisting the Nuts & Bolts

Purposeful Grading with Erin Coleman

Creating Assessments for Student Success with Kaitlin Leppert

What Happens When She Gets Mad? with Bethany Davis

What is PBLL? And Will I Be Able To Start a PBLL Unit With My Students Right Away? with Orly Lavi Travish

Verb Charts Aren't Evil: Blending Explicit Grammar Instruction with Acquisition Driven Strategies with Lisa McHargue

Efficiency and Routines in The WL Classroom with Alasdair Harris

The Big Picture

#LevelUp: Depth of Knowledge in The Novice Language Classroom with Benjamin Bradshaw

Student Manuals: The Key to Student Success with Caitlyn Dunlap

Practical Proficiency: Get Past Your 5 Biggest Hurdles to Teaching with CI Methods with Devon Gunning

Digital Age Pedagogy in World Languages with Kelly Garcia and Dr. Nick Ziegler

Valuing Every Student's Participation in The World Language Classroom with Diego Ojeda

Exploring the "Why" Behind the "What" of Your Strategies and Resources! with Kia D. London

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