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World Language Teacher Summit Playbook

Our speakers shares how they stayed energized, excited, passionate and successful during this incredible school year. It's also your guide to the Summit with the daily presentation schedule, the conference planner tool, our social media chart to follow every presenter, biographies, and presentation summaries.

Celebrate You: How Students' Uniqueness Differentiates Curriculum

Differentiating Through Student Choice with Maureen Lamb

Shifting The Classroom from Language Learning to Real-World Mentality With Jazz Cole

Cultivating Diversity and Supporting Inclusion in the World Language Classroom with Tracy Rucker

Using Canva in The Foreign Language Classroom With Christopher Dabb

Students as Authors: Build a Classroom Library with Stories Written by Students with Paulino Brener

Inclusivity: Ways to Highlight Diversity in the World Language Classroom with Allison Perryman

Language & Literacy: Using Stories to Develop Proficiency and Critical Thinking Skills

Strategies For Developing Critical Thinking Skills Across The Modes With Lisa Shepard

Multimedia Literacy with Louise Crossley

10 Activities You Can Do with ANY Reading With Ashley Mikkelsen

Tell Your Story: Using Stories in Elementary School Language Class With Albert Fernández

How to ...

Brain based learning (BBL) for World language class with Fanest Coronado

Special Person from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade and Beyond with Maria Hinestroza

Navigating National Board Certification for World Language Teachers with Steven López

How To Increase L2 Output In The World Language Classroom with Rebecca Perantoni

Language In Is Language Out - Acento Latino

Using Novels in the IB Classroom & Teaching with easy-to-read novels with Adriana Ramírez

Nobody Speaks that Way with Verónica Moscoso

Teaching Poetry in the World Language Classroom with Diego Ojeda

But What About... ?: Foundational Topics Beyond The Daily Lesson

Ideas & Resources For World Language Teachers - How Do We Teach Vocabulary Effectively? with Amy Haney

Grammar in action with Rachel E Lerner Moore

Incorporating Black Culture in the World Language Classroom with Regina O'Neal

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