If you're a teacher in IL, MA, NY, PA, or TX, you may be well aware of the unique requirements your state has for accrediting your PD hours.

That's why the World Language Teacher Summit has forged a valuable partnership with Idioma Education & Consulting. Together, we now offer you a dedicated service designed to ensure that your 15 hours of professional development are fully recognized and accredited by these states.

What Are State Accredited PD Hours?

State Accredited PD Hours are professional development hours recognized and approved by specific states to help you meet your continuing education requirements. Each state has its own unique term for these hours.

Currently we offer these state accredited hours as below:

  • Illinois CPDU Certificate
  • Massachusetts PDP Certificate
  • New York CTLE Certificate
  • Pennsylvania ACT48 Certificate
  • Texas CPE Certificate

Don't see your state on the list? No worries! Simply send us an email to, and we'll explore options to assist you in meeting your state's requirements.

How Do I Purchase the State Accredited PD Hours?

Visit this checkout page to purchase your All-Access Pass and select the State Accredited PD Hours. 

If you already purchased the All-Access Pass, visit the State Accredited PD Hours page inside your WLTS24BTS All-Access Pass area.

In a separate email, you will receive detailed instructions on how to obtain your PD hours. This email will include information on the required submission details, the specific task you must complete, and the designated timeframe for completion.

How Long Do I Have To Complete The Requirements?

You will be required to write and submit a 2-page summary of your experience with the sessions of the Back-To-School World Language Teacher Summit.

You need to fulfill all the requirements by October 31st. All information will be shared with you via email. 

How Are State Accredited PD Hours Different from the All-Access Pass PD Certificate?

Our State Accredited PD Hours are specifically designed for educators in the states of IL, MA, NY, PA, and TX, where the authorizing entity must be a pre-approved vendor. We're proud to partner with Idioma Education & Consulting to offer you this valuable service at a special discounted price during the conference.

To earn these accredited hours, you'll need to complete a short reflective task, submit it for review, and provide any information required. We do the legwork to revise and submit it to your state.

Why am I required to pay extra for these hours?

Because of your state’s requirements, extra work done by a real, live person is required to prepare, review, control, manage and submit your certified hours to your state. We are proud that these state accredited hours we offer are among the most accessible and reasonably priced you will run across anywhere.

By investing in State Accredited PD Hours, you're not only improving your teaching skills but also ensuring your professional development aligns with your state's requirements.

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